GPB Consulting has since 1979 provided a consulting industrial engineering service to clients in the Western Cape, South Africa.

In addition to the traditional aspects of Industrial Engineering, we also offer Mechanical Engineering, Site and Facilities Planning, Architectural, Structural and Project Management services. Through close co-operation with other specialist practices where necessary, we can offer a cost-effective total package which includes the following:

  • preliminary feasibility studies
  • in-depth techno-economic investigations
  • development of operating concepts and associated needs analyses
  • materials handling analysis
  • site evaluation
  • conceptual design of site, building and equipment layouts
  • detail design of buildings and services
  • detail design of operating systems
  • procurement and associated activities

We are active in projects throughout South Africa and also abroad but concentrate on work in the Western Cape for large and small companies. We enjoy on-going close relationships with the majority of our clients to mutual benefit. (Click to view projects)

GPB qualified as a Technology Top 100 company (adjudicated by a panel of judges appointed by the Engineers Association) in 1993 and 1995. In spite of our proven world-class technological ability we are very aware of the necessity for basic hands-on expertise and application of the appropriate level of technology in our planning and design work.

GPB Consulting

recognizes that a high quality of work (both technical and administrative) is essential for client and own satisfaction and

aims to achieve this by well directed participation from a unique team of employees and associated consultants who adhere to its organizational goals i.e. carrying out work accurately, timeously and at a standard that is above the average of its competitors and at the same time keeping abreast of the latest technology and applying this where applicable.

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