GPB Consulting (GPB) in conjunction with the South African Institute of Materials Handling (SAIMH) arranged a seminar on "WHAT FORKLIFT TRUCK TO USE?" which was held on the 16 August 2001.

Many firms suspect that they may not be using the most cost-effective motive power for their forklift fleet.

In order to determine whether gas, petrol, diesel or battery power is best for one's particular circumstances requires an in-depth look at a wide range of technical and economic aspects.

Topics covered were:

Technical background on:
- Batteries (traction types, capacity aspects, limitations, developments, etc)
- Diesel/Petrol fuel (properties, emissions, energy vs cost, etc)
- Gas (properties, emissions, energy vs cost, etc)
- Exhaust gas purifiers

Forklift truck characteristics when power source is:
- Diesel
- Battery (Electric)
- Petrol/gas

Environmental aspects / Food and personnel safety

Cost comparisons between forklift truck types when used for various operations.

Applications - Experiences of:
- Large battery forklift truck user
- Large gas forklift truck user
- Large diesel forklift truck user

Unfortunately not all speakers' presentations are available. Click on the buttons below to view those that are.

Fundamentals of Diesel & Petrol
John Fitton
Theoretical Cost Comparison between
diesel, battery and gas powered
forklift trucks
Nina Potgieter
Large Diesel Forklift Truck User
Hein Botha
Large LP Gas Forklift Truck User
Piet van Bodegom
Large Battery Forklift Truck User
Johan Immelman
Forklift Characteristics
John Petrie

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